Monday, August 31, 2009

The Great Indian Laughter Show Made Him The Most Popular Stand-up Comedian

Ahsaan Qureshi
The Great Indian Laughter Show Made Him The Most Popular Stand-up Comedian
The Live Show Performer Who has the distinction of Bagging the Master Of Arts Degree
twice, is also a Master of Amusement and has Graduated from Stage and Small Screen to the Big screen, by his unique lyrical style of performing and creating laughter for his audience. Ahsaan Qureshi is the only Stand-up comedian, who’s style is being pirated by the other comedian, But the Fake cannot overshadow the Original.
Born on 4th April 1962 in Seoni, M.P, Ahsaan Qureshi was brought up and educated at Jabalpur and he did his M.A. in Urdu and Economics from H.S.G. respectively. He started to participate in school and college Shows, but The Great Indian Laughter Show, played a great part in his success. As he was declared The First Runnerup, Show Organisers and TV.Show producers started to run after him for New assignments, After that he had no time to look back. Apart from the Big success on small screen, his debut making Hindi film Bombay To Goa, added one more feather to his cap of success. His other films are Ek Se Badh Kar Ek, Hanuman Bhagat Hawaldar (Bhoj), Guilty (Marathi) The comedy star of TV serials, Wah Wah (Sab TV) Haasya Kavi Muqabla (Zee TV) Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar and Ha Ha Ha, is awaiting for his new movie ‘Bhavnaon Ko Samjho’, produced by Sunil Pal and K. Suresha’s film The Students. Currently he is busy in preparation of his own International Show Comedy Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karenge, to be presented around the World.
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